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Spotlight on Drugs in Texas

Learn about underage drinking.

Alcohol kills more teenagers than all other drugs combined, including marijuana, crack, heroin, meth, and ecstasy.

Learn more about the dangers of pot.

Teen marijuana use has clear links to unhealthy and risky behaviors. It can also lead to stunted brain development and a potential IQ loss.

Learn about prescription drug abuse.

Prescription Drugs
One out of six of Texas teens reports having misused or abused a prescription drug in the past year. Four out of ten teens get them from home.

Latest News

Legal Marijuana Begins In Washington, D.C. As ‘Green Rush’ Is On

Possession of small amounts of marijuana became legal in the District of Columbia on Thursday, launching a pot “green rush” despite a face-off between local officials and the Republican-led U.S. Congress over the new standards. The U.S. capital joined Washington state, Alaska and Colorado in making marijuana lawful for recreational use, reflecting a rapidly shifting legal landscape for the drug. It remains illegal under federal law.

Molly: Why the Club Drug Is So Dangerous

The club drug “Molly” may have an innocent name, but it’s anything but, experts say. Ten Wesleyan University students and two Wesleyan guests were hospitalized over the weekend after taking the drug, leaving two of them in critical condition, university officials said.

Hammered And Heedless: Do Dangerous Drinking Videos Harm Teens?

Type “drunk,” “hammered,” or “trashed” into YouTube’s search bar and some pretty unsavory videos are likely to turn up. And that can’t be good for teenagers and young adults, researchers say. User-generated YouTube videos portraying dangerous drinking get hundreds of millions of views online, according a study published Friday in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.